Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! 18-inch Doll Dress
18-inch Doll Dress
NEW! 18-inch Doll Dress
2D Owl
NEW! 9 Inch Witch Doll
NEW! Alligator, Baby
American Girl Lacy Dress
Amigurumi Doll
NEW! Amigurumi Doll
NEW! Angry Birds Pig Crochet
Animal Sweater
NEW! Army Tank
NEW! Army Tank
NEW! Arthur the Polar Bear
NEW! Baby Cradle Purse
Baby Crib Mobile
Baby Doll Dress
NEW! Baby Doll Dress
NEW! Baby “Grab" Ball
Babys First Doll
Baker Set
NEW! Ballerina Bear
NEW! Barbie Shoulder Wrap
NEW! Baseball Buddies
NEW! Basketball Hoop Fridgie
Baxter the Dog

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