Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
18-inch Doll Dress
NEW! 18-inch Doll Dress
NEW! 18-inch Doll Dress
2D Owl
NEW! 9 Inch Witch Doll
NEW! Alligator, Baby
American Girl Lacy Dress
NEW! Amigurumi Doll
Amigurumi Doll
NEW! Angry Birds Pig Crochet
Animal Sweater
NEW! Army Tank
NEW! Army Tank
NEW! Arthur the Polar Bear
NEW! Baby Cradle Purse
Baby Crib Mobile
Baby Doll Dress
NEW! Baby Doll Dress
NEW! Baby “Grab” Ball
Babys First Doll
Baker Set
NEW! Ballerina Bear
NEW! Barbie Shoulder Wrap
NEW! Baseball Buddies
NEW! Basketball Hoop Fridgie
Baxter the Dog
NEW! Beaded Playing Card Case
Beanie Sleeping Bag
Beaver Finger Puppet
NEW! Bedtime for Dolls
NEW! Bedtime for Dolls
NEW! Bernat Duck Toy
Blue Whale
Brown Hound
Bubble Jingle Teether
NEW! Bubble Jingle Teether
Buddy Bear
Bumble Bear
NEW! Bunny Egg Critter Pattern
Bunny Toy
Buttercup Bear
NEW! Butterflies
NEW! Butterfly
Camo Snake
NEW! Captain Andrew Rag Doll
Carambola Baby Rattle
NEW! Cardinal
NEW! Caron Francis the Fox
NEW! Caron Francis the Fox
NEW! Caron Lucy The Monkey (Crochet)
NEW! Caron Lucy The Monkey (Crochet)
Carrot Loving Bunny
Cat & Mouse
NEW! Cat Bus Free Crochet
Cat Toys
NEW! Chubby Teddy
Chubby Teddy
NEW! Circus Seal Toy
NEW! Cloud
NEW! Crochet Little Lobster & Baby Mermaid
NEW! Crochet Little Lobster & Baby Mermaid
Curly Doll Toy
Cute Bumblebee
NEW! Despicable Minion
Doll Dress
NEW! Down On The Farm Playmat
NEW! Easy Amigurumi Patterns
Elephant Can Toy
NEW! Eve Plushie
Eve Plushie
NEW! Farmer Bear
Fat Cat
Feathers the Bird
Footsie the Frog
Frank Armadillo
Franken Bunny
Freddy Frog
NEW! Freddy Frog
Frita The Friendly Alien
NEW! Frog
Frog Puppet
Fun Crocheted Ball Pattern
Fun Fishing Game
Fuzz Balls
NEW! Gnobert the Gnome
Go Fish
NEW! Granny Cat
NEW! Granny Cat
NEW! Granny Dog
NEW! Granny Dog
NEW! Greek Tortoise
Hacky Sack Foot Bag
Halter Top for American Girl Doll
Happy Flower
Happy Okapi
NEW! Hidden Slinky Ball
NEW! Hidden Slinky Ball
Hidden Slinky Ball
NEW! Hippos
HootHoot Plushie
Hot Dog
Hula Girl
Itty Bitty Kitty
Jingle Ring Hat
NEW! Jingle Ring Hat
Jingles Baby Rattle
NEW! Jingles Baby Rattle
NEW! Jointed Teddy Bear
Kitten Toy
NEW! Kitten Toy
NEW! Kitten Toy
Kitties for Adoption
NEW! LeeLoo Monkey
LeeLoo Monkey
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Bubbles the Fish
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Octavia the Octopus
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Puffy Stuffy
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Zippy the Sea Turtle
Lionel Llama
NEW! Little Bigfoot Monkey
Little Fox
Little Lady Doll
NEW! Little Monster Easter Egg
Little Pear
NEW! Little Stuffed Football
NEW! Little Teddy Bear
Lobster, Little
Loop Baby Toy
Love Bunnies
NEW! Magdalena Doll
Mama Kangaroo and Joey
Manta Ray
NEW! Mew Plushie
NEW! Mini Corn Cob
NEW! Mini Cupcake Bear
Mini Roll-up Checkerboard
NEW! Mini Roll-up Checkerboard
NEW! Mini Roll-up Checkerboard
Miss Peanut
Monica Mouse
Monkey Baby Rattle
NEW! Mouse Ami
NEW! Mouse Ami
Mouse Ami
Mouse Amigurumi
Mr. Penguin
NEW! Mr.Frog
Mushroom Appliques
NEW! Mushroom Appliques
Nautical Life Ring
NEW! Nautical Life Ring
Nerdy Bird
NEW! Nibbler
NEW! Nibbler
NEW! Ninja
NEW! Ninja Attack! Crochet
No Sew Hamburger
Octo Slinky Toy
NEW! Octopus & Starfish
NEW! Octopus Finger Puppet
Ogeechee Bear Amigurumi
NEW! Old School Monkey
Old School Monkey
One Piece Penguin
NEW! Orangeback Spider
NEW! Overboard Fish
Owl Can Toy
NEW! Owl Can Toy
NEW! Owl Family Amigurumi Pattern
Pass the Piggies
NEW! Peaches Kitty
NEW! Peaches Kitty
Peaches Kitty
NEW! Penguin Bowling
NEW! Perfect Pony
NEW! Petunia Turtle
Piggy Bank
Pirate Hook
Plastic Spring Mermaids
Plastic Springs Curl Doll
Playful Puppets
Playful Puppy
NEW! Poochie Dog
Poochie Dog
Pop Heart
NEW! Pretoria
NEW! Pretoria
Pretty Kitty
Princess & Frog
NEW! Princess Bear Play Set
NEW! Princess Bear Play Set
Pumpkin Costume
NEW! Puppet Boy Blanket
Puppet Boy Blanket
Puppy Love
Rabbit Key Ring
Raggedy Andy and Ann
NEW! Rainbow Brite Bunny
NEW! Rainbow Fishing Game
Rainbow Kitty
Rainbow Necklace
Rascal Rabbit
Reginald Bird Amigurumi
Robot Toy
Safety Barrel
Sea Star Toys
Serene Ship
Silly Eggs
Simple Cat
NEW! Sitting Kodama
NEW! Six Petal Flower
NEW! Slink Dinosaur
NEW! Slink Dinosaur
Slink Dinosaur
Small Doll
Smiley Tots Party Favors
NEW! Smiley Tots Party Favors
Snorlax Plushie
Snow Leprechaun
Sock Monkey & Baby Hat
Sonic Plushie
Sparkie the Dog
Sparky the Dog
Spheal the Love
NEW! Spheal the Love
Spike the Scuba Diver Amigurumi
NEW! Spring Bunny
Star Mobile
NEW! Starlight Hand Doll
NEW! Starlight Hand Doll
NEW! Starlight Hand Doll
Strawberry Kitty
Stripey Cat
Stuffed Light Bulb
NEW! Stuffed Owl
Stuffed Owl
Stuffed Pokeman
Stuffed Snail
Stuffed Toy Block
NEW! Super Hero Bear Set
Suzies Finger Puppets
NEW! Suzies Finger Puppets
Teddy Bear
NEW! Teddy, Bobble Hat, Scarf, Toy, Bear
The Happy Chef
Tiny Cacti
Tiny Kitty
Tiny Mermaids
NEW! Tiny Teddy Bear
Tiny Teddy Bear
NEW! Titus the Barn Owl
Toad and Toadette Plushies
NEW! Too-Cute Dolls Crochet Pattern
NEW! Tooth Fairy Doll
Toy Moose
Toy Net
NEW! Toy Pocket Wall Hanging
Toy Train
Trailer and Hay
Traveling Bunny
NEW! Traveling Bunny
Triangle Ball
NEW! Twenty Sided Die
NEW! Wedding Dress For Doll
NEW! Wedding Dress For Doll
NEW! Whale
NEW! Wise Owl Ornament
Yo Yo Clown
Zebra Slide Doll

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