Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
Adult Booties
Adult Elf Slippers
NEW! allet Slippers Pattern
Alpaca Socks
Austins Slippers
NEW! Austins Slippers
Baby Tube Socks
NEW! Ballet Slippers
Bevs Mens Easy Slippers
NEW! Bevs Mens Easy Slippers
Bevs Quick Slipp-ers
NEW! Brown Buttoned Leg Warmers
Childs Ribbed Slippers
NEW! Comfy Slippers
Comfy Slippers
Cosy Slippers
NEW! Cozy at Home Crochet Socks
NEW! Crochet Rain Boots
NEW! Crocheted Slippers
Crocheted Striped Boots
NEW! Custom Sweater Boots
Duckie Slippers
NEW! Easy One-Piece Slippers
Easy One-Piece Slippers
Entrelac Socks
NEW! Entrelac Socks
Eskimo Slippers F377
NEW! Family Slippers
Family Slippers
Felted Baby Slippers
NEW! Felted Baby Slippers
Fish Scale Socks
Fluffy Slippers
NEW! Handspun Baby Socks
High Top Slippers
NEW! Indoor Sandals
NEW! Mary Jane Slippers
NEW! Mary Jane Slippers
Mary Jane Slippers
Mini Muk Luks
NEW! Mini Muk Luks
NEW! Open Mesh Slippers Pattern
NEW! Orange and Blue Crochet Slippers
Oriental Style Slippers
Peach Ankle Socks
NEW! Peach Ankle Socks
NEW! Phentex Sunday Loafers
Pilgrim Slippers
NEW! Pineapple Tube Socks
NEW! Play Shoes Pattern
Pocketbook Slippers
NEW! Pozy Toes Crochet Slippers
NEW! Pozy Toes Crochet Slippers
NEW! Pozy Toes Crochet Slippers
NEW! Quick Slippers
Quick Slippers
Ribbed Socks
NEW! Ribbed Socks
NEW! Rocket Shoes
NEW! Simple Chunky Cable Crochet Slippers
Simple Legwarmers
NEW! Sixty Minute Slippers
NEW! Sixty Minute Slippers
Slide Slippers
Slipper Socks
NEW! Soccasins
NEW! Socks for Men
NEW! Socks for Men
Spring Garden Socks
Striped Socks
Sugar'n Cream Slippers
NEW! Summertime Barefoot Sandals
NEW! Toddler Boat Slippers
Unshaven Winter Socks
Winter Slippers
NEW! Zebra Slippers
NEW! Zebra Slippers
Zebra Slippers

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