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Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! 5 Hour Crochet Cowl
NEW! A Pineapple Lace Shawl
Alpaca Angel Shawl
Alyssa Shawl
NEW! Aphrodite Wrap
NEW! Aphrodite Wrap
NEW! Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf
Beach Wrap
Beachcomber Shawl
Beaded Wrap
NEW! Beatrice Wrap
NEW! Beautiful Bridal Shawl
Beautiful Shawl
Belize Wrap
NEW! Boa Wrap and Purse
NEW! Bohemian Shawl
Bows and Arrows Stole
NEW! Bridal Shawl
NEW! Brilliant Bolero
Cabled Wrap
Campus Queen Shawl
NEW! Candy Cottton ll
NEW! Caron "Pink Ribbon" Shawl
Celia Shawl
Chain-Fringe Shawl
Charmed Prayer Shawl
NEW! Charmed Prayer Shawl
NEW! Charmed Prayer Shawl
NEW! Cherie Lace Shawl
NEW! Classy Pentagon Shawl
NEW! Classy Pentagon Shawl
Coco Wrap
NEW! Colossal Shrug
Concerto Shawl
NEW! Confetti Shawl
Connected Flowers Shawl
Costa Mesa Shawl
NEW! Cozy Hygge Wrap
NEW! Crochet Lacy Duster
NEW! Crocheted halter top and shawl
NEW! Darla Shrug
Darla Shrug
NEW! Date Night Shawl
NEW! Delicate Open Weave Top
Easy Capelet
NEW! Easy Lace Triangle Shawl
Easy Wrap Up Shawl
Elegant Lace Stole
Embrace Shawl
NEW! Embrace Shawl
NEW! Evening Shawl
Evening Shawl
NEW! Evening Shawl
NEW! Evening Shawl
Everyday Shawl
NEW! Exquisite Bridal Topper
Fan Pattern Shawl
Fantasy Shawl
Flamenco Wrap
Flower Wrap
Freeform Shawl
Friend Shawl
Fur Out Shoulder Wrap
NEW! Gardenia Shawl
NEW! Glitter Goddess Shawl
NEW! Glorious Shawl
Granny Square Shawl
Guadelupe Wrap
Harmony Wrap
Healing Prayer Shawl
Hip Wrap
Hot Shawl-colate
Intricate Flower Shawl
NEW! Iris Shawl
Jogger Wrap
Kaleidoscope Shawl
Keepsake Lace Shawl
La Louisian Shawl
Lace Shawl
Lace Shawl
Lace Stole
Lace Wrap
Lacy Shell Stole
Lacy Summer Shawl
Laurel Stole
Light Shawl
Lyric Shawl
Mantle Shawl
Marigold Shawl
Mega Wrap
Moebius Shawl/Scarf
Motif Wrap
NEW! Nadia Shawl
Naples Wrap
Oasis Wrap
Ombree Robe
NEW! One Hour Mobius Cowl
NEW! One Skein Wrap
NEW! One Skein Wrap
Openwork Wrap
Paris Shawl
NEW! Patons Crochet Blanket Ruana
Patricia Shawl
Peach Shawl
Pineapple Shawl
Pocahontis Shawl
NEW! Poetry Poncho
Pretty as a Peacock Stole
Pretty in Pink – Shoulder Wrap
NEW! Quick + Easy Spring Chain Cowl
Ruffle Shrug
Sangria Shawl
Scallop Wrap
Scarlett Ruana
Seraphinas Shawl
NEW! Seraphinas Shawl
Shawl, Crocheted
Shell Shawl
Shimmering Shawl
Shoal Shawl
Shoulder Warmer
Silk Shrug
Simple Shawl
Simply Shawl
Snapdragon Shawl
Solomons Knot Shawl
Spider Lace Wrap
Spider Stitch Wrap
Square to Shrug
NEW! Staggered Shells Wrap
NEW! Summer of Love Shawl
Summer Shawl
Summer Shawl
NEW! Summer Wrap
Summer Wrap
The Wrap
Toulouse Wrap
Tradewinds Shawl
Train Tracks Shawl
NEW! Trellis Triangle Shawl
Triangular Shawl
Tufted Shawl
Tunisian Wrap
Vail Mountain Wrap
Veranda Shawl
Vienna Shawl
NEW! Waltzing Fan Shawl
NEW! Watermelon Cowl Infinity Scarf
Wilshire Shawl
NEW! Womens Hairpin Lace Shawl
NEW! Wrap-ture Crocheted Shawl
NEW! Year 'Round Shawl
Zig Zag Shells Stole

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