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Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! Suddenly Sparkles Scarf
NEW! All American Scarf
Allyson Scarf
Ashlea Scarf
Aspen Neckwarmer
Auto Pilot Cowl
NEW! Awesome Finger Crochet Cowl
NEW! Baby itís Cowled Outside!
Baby Llama Fire Scarf
Baltic Scarf
Basket of Noro Scarf
NEW! Big Rib Scarf
Blossoms Scarf
Blue Warmie
NEW! Boa Scarf
Bobble Scarf
Brites Scarf
Broomstick Lace Scarf
Button Up Cowl
Cabled Cowl
Cammo Scarf
NEW! Candy Crush Infinity Scarf
Cascase Scarf
NEW! Chevron Lace Wrap
Clara Scarf
Color Scarf
Colorful Scarflet
Coral Necklace
Coverd Button Scarf
Cowl Scarf
Cowlin Around Cowl
Crazy Scarf
NEW! Cupcake Scarf
Curly Scarf
NEW! Curly Scarf
NEW! Curly Scarf
Daisy Chain Scacrf
Daisy Scarf
Diamond Hooded Scarf
Diamond Scarf
Doris Scarf
NEW! Double Braided Cowl
NEW! Double Braided Cowl
NEW! Double the Fun Potato ChipScarf
NEW! Double-Knit Piano Scarf
Draft Scarf
Earth Sky Scarf
Easy Curly Scarf
Easy Scarf
Easy Striped Scarf
Elegant Warming Collar
Europa Scarf
Fantascot Cowl
NEW! Fast and Easy Neckwarmer
Felt Striped Scarf
Fire Scarflet
Firenze Scarf
Fish Scale Scarf
NEW! Flirty Ruffled Blue Warmie
Floral Motif Scarf
Floral Scarf
Flower Scarf
NEW! Flower Scarf
NEW! Forget the Scarf
NEW! Fringe Scarf
NEW! Fringe Scarf
Fringe Scarf
Frothy Scarf
Fuzzy Scarf
NEW! Grace - Graceful Scarf
Hairpin Scarf
His Afghan Scarf
NEW! His and Hers Scarves
NEW! Holy Cowl!
NEW! Hooded Scarf
NEW! Hooded Scarf
Hooded Scarf
NEW! Hooker Scarf
Hooker Scarf
Hyperbolic Scarf
Incredibly Soft Scarf
NEW! Irish Lace Scarf
NEW! Kalamazoo Scarflet
Keyhole Scarf
Kiss Me Neck Cozy
Lace Scarf
Lace Scarf
NEW! Lace Shell Scarf
Lace Shell Scarf
NEW! Lacy Necktie Too
Lacy Scarf
NEW! Lacy Spring Evening Scarf
NEW! Lacy Spring Evening Scarf
NEW! Ladies Silk
Lady Bug Scarf
Lase Neckwarmer
Little Boy Scarf
NEW! Luna Lovegood Scarf
NEW! Luscious One Skein Cowl
Magenta Scarflet
Manly Skull Scarf
NEW! Maryana Striped Scarf
NEW! Mens Scarf
Mesh Scarf
Middle Road Scarf
Mile a Minute Scarf
Miramar Scarf
Mirror Lake Scarf
NEW! Misty Diamonds Shawl
NEW! Mobius Scarf
Modern Scarf
NEW! Moroccan Midnight Cowl
NEW! Neapolitan Scarf
Neck Cozy
Neck Warmer
Neck Wrap Scarf
Northern Lights Scarf
NEW! Northwoods Skinny Scarf
Opposites Attract Scarf
NEW! Papillon Scarf
NEW! Patons In the Loop Scarf
NEW! Patons In the Loop Scarf
Picket Fence Scarf
Pink Ribbon Scarf
Plum Perfect Scarf
Pom Pon Scarf
Pompom Scarf
Pretty One-Skein Scarf
Randolph Scarf
Recycled Yarn Scarf
Repeat Scarf
NEW! Repeat Scarf
Ribbed Scarf
Ribbon Scarf
Ringo Cowl
Ripple Wave Scarf
Roli Scarf
Rose Scarf
NEW! Rosebud Scarf
NEW! Rosebud Scarf
NEW! Rows of Ruffles Scarf
NEW! Rows of Ruffles Scarf
Royal Elegance Scarf
NEW! Royal Elegance Scarf
Royal Ruffles Scarf
Ruby Shells Warming Collar
NEW! Ruffles Scarf
Ruffles Scarf
Scalloped Angora Scarf
Scrap Scarf
Sea Shells Scarf
Sensational Scarf
NEW! Sheep Scarf
Short Scarf
Simple and Warm Scarf
Simplest Scarf
Skinny Scarf
Skinny Scarf
Skinny Scarf
Slant Stitch Scarf
NEW! Small Tots Scarves
NEW! Snake Scarf
Snake Scarf
NEW! Snow Bear Hooded Scarf
NEW! Sparkle Scarf
Sparkle Scarf
Sparkle Scarf
Spiral Scarf
NEW! Splash of Spring Crochet Cowl
Spring Scarf
Star Scarf
Star Scarf
Stardust Scarf
Stretchy Scarf
Stripe Scarf
Stripe Scarf
Striped Scarf
NEW! Summer Head Scarf
Sunroom Spiral Scarf
Super Mario Scarf
Sushi Scarf
NEW! Sweet and Simple Charity Scarf
Sweet and Simple Charity Scarf
Swirling Fans Scarf
Symphony Scarf
NEW! Tallulah Waterfall Scarf
Tear Drop Scarf
Textured Neck Warmer
Tunisian Cable Scarf
Unisex Cowl
Vibrant Colors Scarflet
NEW! Victory Scarf
Victory Scarf
Viera Scarf
NEW! Vintage Mens Scarf
Waikiki Scarf
Warm Tie
Warming Collar
Wavy Scarf
Window Pane Scarf
Winter Cowl
Wizard Scarf
Woodland Scarf
Woods Neck Warmer
NEW! Woods Neck Warmer
NEW! Zodiac Scarf - Leo
NEW! Zodiac Scarf with Bobbles

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