Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! Bandit Market Bag
NEW! Kombi Shoulder Bag / Purse
NEW! Market Tote Crochet Pattern
NEW! Stylish Crochet Handbag
NEW! 2 in 1 Bag
NEW! An Autumn Tote
Anns Beaded Bags
NEW! Antique-Look Clasp Purse
NEW! Aquamarine Bag
NEW! Aspen Purse
NEW! Aspen Purse
NEW! Aussie Shoulder Bag
NEW! Autumn Tote Bag
Bag of Treats
Basic Plarn Tote
Basketweave Purse
Bassinet Purse
Beach Bag
Beaded Clutch Purse
NEW! Beaded Keepsake Purse
Beaded Keepsake Purse
NEW! Beaded Tote Bag
Beaded Tote Bag
NEW! Bella Ruffled Bag
NEW! Bernat Hamptons Crochet Beach Bag
NEW! Bernat Ombre Pompom Change Purse
Black Magic Purse
NEW! Bloody Mary Bag
NEW! Bloody Mary Bag
Bobble Purse
Bobble-icious Bag
NEW! Bobbles Bag
Bobbles Bag
NEW! Bonbon Kisses Crochet Pouch
Boulder Bag
Brass Ring Purse
NEW! Brass Ring Purse
NEW! Brass Ring Purse
NEW! Brass Ring Purse
NEW! Brass Ring Purse
Bubblegum Princess Purse
Bucket Purse
Button Bottom Bag
Cable Clutch
NEW! Cable Heart Gift Bag
NEW! Carry-All Bag
Case Wallet
Casual Shouler Bag
Cauldron Bag
Cell Phone Bag
Cell Phone Pouch
Cellphone Bag
Cellphone Case
NEW! Cellphone Case
Chevron Bag
Choo Choo Mini Bag
Christianís Treasure Sack
NEW! Chroma Crochet Bag
NEW! Chroma Crochet Bag
Chunky Basket
Circle Purse
NEW! Circular Crocheted Purse
NEW! Circular Crocheted Purse
NEW! Circular Purse Pattern
NEW! Coin Purse
Coin Purse
Coin Purse
Coin Purse
NEW! Commuter's Bag
NEW! Cool Crochet Backpack
Cotton Carries It Off Tote
NEW! Cotton Market Bag
Cotton Market Bag
NEW! Cotton Stripes Tote Bag
Cotton Tote
Cradle Purse
NEW! Crochet Backpack Pattern
Crochet Hook Purse
Crochet On The Go Case
NEW! Crochet Summer Totes
NEW! Crochet Watermelon Coin Purse
NEW! crocheted toy cocoon bag
NEW! Crossbody bags
NEW! Crossbody bags
Da Fuzzy Bag
Deco Ribbon Bag
NEW! Demin Granny Bag
NEW! Demin Granny Bag
Diaper Clutch
Diaper Clutch
Dog Bone Bag
NEW! Dollhouse Purse
Dots Extenda Bag
Dots Little Ditty Bag
Drawstring Bag
Drawstring Bag
Drawstring Cotton Bag
Dress Bag
Dual Handled Tote Bag
NEW! E reader Case
NEW! Easy Felted Purse
Easy Granny Square Bag
Eggplant Purse
NEW! Elephant Tote
Evening Bag
NEW! Everyday Market Bag
Eyeglass Case
Farfalla Bag
Felted Bag
Felted Bag
NEW! Felted Bag
NEW! Felted Bag
Felted Bag
Felted Bag
Felted Diaper Bag
NEW! Felted Drawstring Bag
Felted Drawstring Bag
NEW! Felted Drawstring Bag
Felted Drawstring Bag
Felted Memo Bag
Felted Wavy Bag
Flapped Bag
Flower Clutch
Flower Phone Case
Flower Purse
NEW! Fox Felted Bag
NEW! Fringed-Purse
Gift Card Holder
Girly Tote
NEW! Granny Square Crochet Tote Bag Pattern
Granny Squares Purse
NEW! Griddle Stitch Wedding Favor Sachet
Hand Bag
Heart Purse
Heart Wallet
Hearts Gift Bag
Hippy Purse
NEW! Hobo Beach Bag
Indigo Bag
NEW! Inga Crochet Bag
NEW! Inga Crochet Bag
Initial Cell Phone Pouch
NEW! Iphone Cozy
Iphone Cozy
Keepsake Bag
Key Ring Pouch
Lantern Bag
Laptop Case
Library Tote
NEW! Lilac Meadows Hobo Bag
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cluck Cluck Change Purse
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Striped Market Tote Bag
NEW! Little Acorn Bag
NEW! Little Crochet Purse
NEW! Little Crochet Purse
Little Cutie Bag
Little Gadabout Bag
Little Heart Purse
Loopy Boho Bag
Lunch Bag
NEW! Manchester Handbag
NEW! Manchester Handbag
NEW! Market Bag
Market Bag
Marvelous Fulled Mini Tote Bag
Mesh Market Bag
Mika Shoulder Bag
NEW! Mini Crochet Gift Bag
Mini Handled Purse
NEW! Mini Handled Purse
Mini Purse
NEW! Mobile Phone Baglet
NEW! Mobile Phone Baglet
Mothers Day Gift Purse Bag
MP3 Pouch
Not a Swatch Purse
NEW! One Hour Coin Purse
Onion Drawstring Bag
NEW! Owl Pouch
NEW! Owl Purse
NEW! Patch Backpack
PDA Case/Purse
NEW! Perfect Little Wristlette
NEW! Perfect Little Wristlette
Perky Popcorn Bag
Phone Bag
Pink Ribbing Purse
Pixie Purse
Plastic Purse
Po Boy Purse
NEW! Pretty Purple Purse
Pretty Purses
Prom Purse
NEW! Purel Pouch
NEW! Rainbow Bag
Rainbow Bag
NEW! Rainbow Dragon Bag
NEW! Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch
NEW! Rainbow Pocket Market Bag
Rainbow Purse
Recorder Bag
NEW! Reduction Tote Bag
NEW! Retro Owl Purse
Ribbons Tote
Ripple Bag
Rolly Bag
Ruffle Coin Purse
NEW! Ruffle Travel Pouch
Ruffled Bag
Sampler Tote
Scallop Purse
NEW! Scissors Pouch
Scissors Pouch
NEW! Shell Stitch Flower Bag
Shell Stitch Flower Bag
Shopping Bag
Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag
Six Pack Tote
NEW! Smiling Sunflower Bag
NEW! Snowman Gift Bag
Snowman Gift Bag
NEW! Sock Monkey Crochet Bag
Spiral Purse
Star Crochet Hook Case
Star Purse
NEW! Strawberry Crochet Bag
Strawberry Purse
Striped Purse
Striped Tote
Stripey Bag
Summertime Tote
NEW! Sunny Days Market Bag
Tassled Purse
NEW! Tasty Little Chevron Bag
Textured Purse
NEW! The Perfect Crochet Purse
NEW! The Perfect Phone Case
NEW! The Star Spangled Bag
Tiny Backpack
Toggle Pouch
Tote Bag
NEW! Trendy Tweed Tote
Triple Flap Bag
NEW! Two Hour Tote
Two Pocket Purse
Two Strand Summer Bag
NEW! Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy
NEW! Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy
NEW! Urban Squares Purse
NEW! Valentine Purse
VCR Tape Bag
Vibrant Market Bag
NEW! Vintage Beach Bag
Vote Tote
Waves and Shells Hook Case
Wavy Bag
Wavy Bag
NEW! Wavy Bag
NEW! Wavy Stitch Draw Bag
Wheelchair Tote Bag
Wine Bag
Wrist Purse
NEW! Wristlet Clutch
Wristlet Clutch
Wynter Flower Felted Bag
Yarn Bag

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