Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! In the Round Place Mat
NEW! "Junior" Toilet Paper Cover
NEW! "Molly" Toilet Paper Cover
NEW! "Molly" Toilet Paper Cover
16 Spoke Doily
NEW! Affinity Doily
Airpot Planter
NEW! All Over Tropical Flower Place Mat
NEW! Alphabet Nursery Rug & Matching Chair Covers
Alwine Dishcloth
American Potholder
NEW! American Pride
NEW! Americana Dishcloth
NEW! Americana Place Setting
NEW! Americana Potholder
NEW! Autumn Reflections Doilie
NEW! Autumn Trivets Potholder
Baby Sized Laundry Bag
NEW! Bachelor's Button Rug
Bag Holder
Bakerboy Potholder
NEW! Basketweave Coaster
NEW! Bath Mat
NEW! Bath Mat
Bath Puff
NEW! Beaded Glass Jar Cover
Beaded Glass Jar Cover
NEW! Beaded Glass Jar Cover
Beauty Bar Bag
Bedspread Set
Beer Cozy
Beginner Coaster
NEW! Bernat Autumn Acorns Napkin Rings
NEW! Bernat Bobble and Fringe Crochet Pillow
NEW! Bernat Bubble Bathmat
NEW! Bernat Crochet Apple A Day Pouf
NEW! Bernat Crochet Bunny Floor Pillow
NEW! Bernat Crochet Bunny Floor Pillow
NEW! Bernat Gnome for the Holidays Wine Bottle Cozy
NEW! Bernat Oversized Owl Pillow to Crochet
NEW! Bernat Round In Circles Crochet Wall Hanging
NEW! Bernat Round In Circles Crochet Wall Hanging
NEW! Bernat Sundial Crochet Placemats
NEW! Bernat Wheel Spokes Crochet Pouf
Bird Table Setting
Birthday Coaster
NEW! Black Magic Luncheon Set Pattern
NEW! Blue Lagoon Spa Cloth
NEW! Blue Medallion Table Runner
Bottle Cozy
NEW! Bread and Butter Pot Holder
NEW! Bridal Wreath Bedspread
NEW! Bright Flower Rug
NEW! Bright Flower Rug
NEW! Bubbles Basket
NEW! Butlerís Bottle Hugger
Cabled Hot Water Bottle Cover
NEW! Candle Skirt
NEW! Cany Cane Wheel Cover
Cany Cane Wheel Cover
NEW! Caron Cozy Cottage Crochet Pillow
NEW! Caron Cozy Cottage Crochet Pillow
NEW! Caron Crochet Oak Leaf Garland
Carrot Fridgie
NEW! Carrot Fridgie
Cat Applique
Celtic Placemat
Checkerboard Rug
NEW! Chic Crochet Casserole and Cake Carrier
NEW! Cinderella Bedspread
NEW! Cinderella Bedspread
Cinnamon Buns
Clothes Pin Bag
Clothespin Angel
Coaster Set
Cobblestone Washcloth
Coffe Cup Plant Holder
Coffee Cozy
NEW! Coffee Cup Applique
Coffeee Cup Sleeve
Cold Pack Covers
Color Wave Dishcloth
NEW! Color-Block Baskets
NEW! Cotton Pond Towel
Couch Cover
NEW! Crochet Elephants Bookends
NEW! Crochet Hexagon Rug
NEW! Crochet Lamp Shade
NEW! Crochet Lamp Shade
NEW! Crochet Ripple Rug
NEW! Crocheted Curtains
NEW! Crocheted Curtains
NEW! Crocheted Dusting Mitt
Dahlia Dishcloth
NEW! Daisy Chain Coaster
NEW! Diagonal Dishcloth
Diamonds Washcloth
Dill Pickle
NEW! Dishcloth Scrubbie
Dishsoap Apron
NEW! Donna's Crochet Designs Blog of Free Patterns
Door Curtain
Door Knob Cover
NEW! Door Knob Cover
Door Knob Pocket
Door Mat
NEW! Dorm Organizer Square Baskets
Dragon Applique
Dragon Coasters
Dresser Scarf
Duck Basket
NEW! Dwarf Sunflower
NEW! Easiest Ever Basket
Easter Egg Coaster
NEW! Easy Flowers
Easy Flowers
NEW! Easy Hexagon Rug
Eight Points Around Coaster
NEW! Elephant Hanger Pattern
NEW! Fan Kitchen Towel
Fanciful Towel
Filet Dish Cloth
NEW! Filet Place Mats
Fish Dishcloth
Flower Appliques
NEW! Flower Dish Cloths
NEW! Flower Potholders
Flower Runner
NEW! Flower Trivet
NEW! Flower Wheel Tablecloth
NEW! Flower Wheel Tablecloth
NEW! Flying Birds Stitch Washcloth
NEW! Football Placemat
NEW! Football Placemat
French Press Cozy
Frog Bookmark
Froggie Magnet
Fruit & Veggie Basket
Funky Flowers
Garden Tie Backs
NEW! Get Whale Soon Tissue Box Cover
NEW! Girls Night Out Champagne and Wine Carrier
Granny Dishcloth
NEW! Granny Place Mats
NEW! Granny Placemats
Granny Star
NEW! Hanger Cover
Hanger Cover
Hanger Cover
NEW! Hanging Baskets on Dowel
NEW! Hanging Baskets on Dowel
NEW! Hanging Crochet Basket
Hanging Sun
Hanging Towel
Hanging Toy Organizer
Heart Banner
NEW! Heart Covered Soap
NEW! Heart Covered Soap
NEW! Heart Fridgie
Heart Place Mat
Heart Pot Holder
Heart Shaped Table Mat
Heart Table Runner
Hearts Placemat
NEW! Hexagon Blues Ottoman
NEW! Hexagon Dish Cloth
Hexagon Dishcloth
Hi Five Towel
NEW! His Toilet tissue Cover
NEW! Home Spa Bath Mat
NEW! Hooty Owl Crochet Baskets
Hot Pad & Coaster Set
Hot Water Bottle Cozy
Ida Dishcloth
NEW! In the Round Placemat
Jam Jar Cover
NEW! Japanese Dahlia Doily
Jar Covers
NEW! Jeweled Potholder
Jeweled Potholder
Kid Sized Potholder
NEW! Kitten Potholder
NEW! Lace Spa Basket
NEW! Lace Spa Basket
Lacey Bunting
NEW! Lacy Flower Runner
Lemon Cake Tissue Cozy
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Butterfly Crochet Dishcloth
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Canning Jar Toppers
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Casserole Carrier to Crochet
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Crochet Mason Jar Cozies
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Crochet Pot Holder Diner Trio*
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Flower Power Crochet Table Run
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Mad For Plaid Crochet Placemat
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Nubby Crochet Scrubber
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Scallop Edged Crochet Baskets
NEW! Lily Sugar 'n Cream Tunisian Simple Stitch Dishclo
NEW! Log Cabin Pot-Holder
NEW! Long Stem Roses
Long Stem Roses
NEW! Loop Rectangle Rug
Loop Rectangle Rug
Love Coaster
Magic Potholder
Meadow Doily
NEW! Medley Tablecloth
Mini Doily
NEW! Mini Doily
NEW! Mini Turnip
Mittens Coaster
NEW! Moody Monkey Potholders
NEW! Moody Monkey Potholders
NEW! Mossy Water Washcloth
NEW! Mother's Day Crochet Runner
Mug Cozy
Mug Cozy
Mug Cozy
NEW! Mustard Filled Hot Dog
Nana Potholders
NEW! Nut Cup and Saucer
NEW! Nut Cup and Saucer
Olympic Coffee Cozy
NEW! One Hour Wine Bottle Cozy
Open Ridge Washcloth
NEW! Open Shell Hanging Dish Towel
NEW! Open Shell Hanging Dish Towel
NEW! Options Placemat & Coaster
Orange Cozy
NEW! Organic Placemat
Oval Ripple Placemat
NEW! Pampering Massage Back Scrubber and Washcloth
NEW! Pampering Massage Back Scrubber and Washcloth
NEW! Peachy Path Dishcloth
NEW! Pepperoni Pizza Fridgie
NEW! Perfect Loofah
Pickle Slices
Pillow Cover
Pillow Cover
NEW! Pineapple Lid & Tank Covers
Pineapple Wall Hangings
NEW! Pinwheel Coaster
NEW! Planned Pooling Storage Box
Plastic Bag Coasters
Popcorn Cup Cozy
Popcorn Potholder
Poppy Flower Coaster
Pot Handle Cozy
Pot O Gold Coaster
NEW! Pretty Bathmat
NEW! Pretty Bathmat
NEW! Pretty Petals Potholder
Pretty Posies Runner
NEW! Produce Bag
NEW! Pumpkin Bath Tissue Cover
NEW! Quadra Rug
NEW! Quick Crochet Rug Pattern
Racetrack Rug
Rag Rug
Rag Rug
Rainbow Coaster
Recycled Box
NEW! Red Velvet Bundt Cake
Ripple Potholder
NEW! Roll and Go Placemats
NEW! Rose Curtain Ties
NEW! Rose Pattern
Rose Ripple Potholder
Rose Rug
Round Container Basket
NEW! Round Container Basket
Ruffled Doily
Rustic Rug
NEW! Scallop Washcloth
Scrubby Dishcloth
Scrubby Rows Dishcloth
NEW! Sculptured Block Rug Pattern
Seastone Covers
Shamrock Potholder
NEW! She's a Doll Toaster Cover Pattern
NEW! Sheep Heart Kitchen
Shell Cross
Shell Dishcloth
NEW! Simple Cro-Hook Dishcloth
NEW! Simple Stash Basket
NEW! Simple Stripes Coaster
Six Sided Coaster
NEW! Skulduggery Doily
Slice of Summer Coaster
Snowflake Dishcloth
Snowflake Doily
Snowman Dishcloth
NEW! Soap Body Scrubber
Soap Sack
Soapy Apron
Soda Can Cozy
NEW! Spa Basket
Spa Cloth
Spa Washcloth
NEW! Spangled Tablecloth
Spider to Web Bookmark
Spiral Soap Saver
NEW! Square Wheel Coasters
NEW! Star Napkin Rings
Star Washcloth
NEW! Stash Baskets
Striped Coaster
NEW! Striped Hot Pad
Stripes Rug
NEW! Sugar 'n Cream - BBQ Apron
Summer Coaster
Sunflower Coasters
Sunflower Coasters
Sunflower Decoration
Sunflower Scrubbie
Sunny Doily
NEW! Sunny Doily
Sunny Doily
Sunshine Scrubby
Sushi Roll Pencil Case
Sweet Coasters
NEW! Sweet Coasters
T-Yarn Over Mitt
T-Yarn Trivet
Tab Top Cutains
NEW! Tea Cozy
Tea Cozy
NEW! Tea Light Flower
Tea Time Doily
Teacup Cover
Teapot Cozy
Thick Potholder
Tissue Cover
Toe Coasters
Toilet Paper Cover
Toilet Paper Cover
Towel Ring
Trailing Vines Leaf Garland
Travel Tissue Cozy
Trinket Bowl
NEW! Trinket Box
Trinket Box
Tulip Dishcloth
Tulip Place Mat
Turtle Soap Cover
NEW! Turtle Tea Cozy
Twenty Nine Stitches Dish Cloth
NEW! Twine Rug
Twine Rug
Votive Cozy
Water Bottle Cozy
Water Bottle Holder
Water Bottle Holder
Weave Washcloth
Wine Bottle
Wine Cover
Woven Placemat
Xmas Doily
Yellow and Gray Rug
NEW! Zigzag Crochet Cup Cozy
NEW! Zigzag Crochet Cup Cozy

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