Crochet Product Reviews

Sweater Stone
typical price $7.99
Sweater Stone

I own a battery operated "fabric shaver" which sits at the back of my junk drawer and is never used. Why? It doesn't work well. But the Sweater Stone sits in my linen closet, right up front -- because it works. The Sweater Stone easily removes pills from my sweaters and is also effective at removing lint and the pills that develop on flannel sheets. Plus, no batteries required.

Sock Blockers
typical price $23.95
Sock Blocker

Why struggle with trying to shape your crochet socks? Use these Sock Blockers from Fiber Trends and have the perfect shape every time. Made from strong, lightweight Sintra, they do not absorb moisture and will never mildew or leave splinters in your socks. Three sizes are available.

Yarn Ball Winder
typical price $49.99
Ball Winder

Once you try using a Yarn Ball Winder, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Pull thread balls are so much easier to crochet with and this tool makes creating them a breeze.
Handeze Glove
typical price $10.99
Handeze Glove

Keep crocheting longer and in greater comfort. The Handeze Glove supports the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your hand and wrist while you crochet.
Mill Hill Treasured Scissors Fob Kit
typical price $12.00
Scissor Fob Kit

Identify and protect your scissors with a Mill Hill Treasured Scissor Fob Kit. The kit includes beading thread, beads, a protector, and clip. You just provide the scissors.
Zips Rhinestone Zippers
typical price $8.00 to $22.00
Zips Rhinestone Zippers

Add some sparkle to your crocheting with these rhinestone zippers from South West Trading Company. They can be used instead of buttons on an eyelash yarn cardigan, on the neck of a fuzzy pullover, or on the shoulder seam of a wool poncho.
Latern Moom Sheep Tape Measure
typical price $9.99

This adorable sheep also functions as a tape measure, a must have for every crocheter. And just squeeze the sheep's body for the 60 inch tape to retract.

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