Crochet Articles & Tips

The Benefits of Reading Crochet Charts: Getting Started
Have you ever opened a book of crochet patterns and been absolutely amazed by the long pattern instructions?

Using Ravelry as an Organizational Tool and Fiber Community Site
Ravelry is a great organizational tool and a good place to make friends who share your passion for fiber.

How to Sell Your Handmade Crocheted Items?
It doesn't take much time for a crocheter to have a collection.

Crochet History 1900s - 21st Century
Lavish crochet emerged alongside other forms of elaborate needlework in the nineteenth century.

7 Ways you Can Feel Comfortable in a Knitting Group Meeting
Social skills for the knit obsessed.

What Are Knitting Looms?
We've always wondered.

Make A Sweater For Nothing With Free Knitting Patterns And Recycled Yarn
Tips for "free" knitting.

Learn Why Knitting Patterns Depend On Gauge
Feel the tension!

How to Master Knitting Instructions the Easy Way
A refresher course.

Boredom and Frustration - A Knitter's Friend
What's wrong with your knitting.

Knitting Isn't Skydiving
No risk knitting.

The Benefits of Knitting Circles
Your knitting habit.

Patience is a Great Teacher
Teaching Girl Scouts to knit.

Prayer Shawls
Spread blessings with your knitting.

2008 Knit Out and Crochet at Mall of America
Knit nirvana.

Vanna White's Yarns
It's not just the Wheel of Fortune that she's spinning.

Trade Your Tomatoes for Mohair
The country's first yarn CSA.

It fits!
How to design and knit any garment to fit every time.

Art History 101
A night at the museum.

Knit Your Bit
The American Red Cross offers a commemorative knitting kit.

Knitting Room Makeover
It's all about organization.

Knitting Pattern Prescription
Just what the doctor ordered.

You Knit With What?
Home improvement for knitters.

Ice, Ice, Baby
Yoga for your hands.

My Nightmare Before Christmas
Store bought mittens? Are you kidding?

Adopt a Musk Ox
Where luxurious fibers come from.

Let Me Help You With That
The risks of KIP.

Twisted Sister
Our favorite knitting tips.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Yarn
Flea market knitting finds.

Baseball, Barbecue, and Boucle
Working on your tan and your knitting.

Bobbing For Yarn
Shopping methods of the yarn addicted.

Yarn Overload
Up to your ears in leftover yarn?

Knitting Needle Soup
Our favorite knitting tips.

The Martha Stewart Poncho
Patterns for this most photgraphed poncho.

Cleared For Knitting
Will your knitting needles make it to 30,000 feet?

What's In A Name?
The Daily Knitter peruses yarn shop names.

The Sweater Curse
Why the relationship ended before the sweater did.

Ring My Bell
A sweater without a ribbed bottom.

Knit vs. Crochet
Cast your vote.

You Are Part of the 31%
A study of your knitting habits.

Party Favors
Surprise! Learn to knit birthday parties.

Share Your Wisdom
Become a certified knitting instructor.

Knit Out, Man
Meet 30,000 of your knitting friends.

More Yarn, Please
Record yarn sales a result of all that knitting.

I Knit My Own Baby Blanket
Knitters are getting younger and younger.

New Warm Up America! Board
Mizrahi, Klass & Brown join.
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