Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! Teen Striped Pillow
NEW! Americana Pillow
NEW! Angel Pillows from Heaven
Animal Pillows
NEW! Blue Butterfly Pillow
Bolster Pillow
Bump Pillow
Butterfly Pillows
NEW! Cat Neck Pillow
NEW! Chinese Symbol Pillow
Chinese Symbol Pillow
NEW! Colonial Pillow
NEW! Color Wheel Pillow
Cotton Crochet Pillow
Dads Quillow
NEW! Daisy Pillow
NEW! Decor - Bricks and Mortar
Floral Pillows
NEW! Floral Pillows
NEW! Floral Squares Pillow
Floral Squares Pillow
Flower Pillow
NEW! Fringed Mandala Pillow
Funky Scrap Pillow
Giant Floor Cushion
Granny Circle Pillow
Heart Pillow
NEW! Heart Shaped Cushion
Irish Lace Pillow
Kit Kat Pillow
Leave Pillow
NEW! Magical Pillowghan
NEW! Magical Pillowghan
Meredith Pillow
Neck Pillow
NEW! Patched Persuasion Pillows
NEW! Patched Persuasion Pillows
Pillow with Ribbon Weaving
Pinwheel Pillow
NEW! Pinwheel Pillow
NEW! Planned Pooling Argyle Pillow
NEW! Planned Pooling Argyle Pillow
Presents Pillow
Red Poppy Pillow
Retro Pillow Cover
Ring Bearer Pillow
NEW! Ring Bearerís
Round Loop Pillow
Ruffle Pillow
Ruffle Pillow
Sampler Afghan and Pillow
NEW! Simple Round Pillow
NEW! Small Easter Bunny Pillow
Small Easter Bunny Pillow
Small Easter Egg Pillow
Spin Me Round Cushion
Square Loop Pillow
NEW! Square Loop Pillow
Star Pillow
Sweet Pillows
NEW! Toddler Turtle Pillow
Tooth Fairy Pillow
NEW! Tooth Fairyís Tooth Pillow
NEW! Tooth Fairyís Tooth Pillow
NEW! Travel Pillow
NEW! Tri Color Pillow
Vivaldi Pillow
Wrist Pillow
NEW! Wrist Pillow

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