Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
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NEW! Share on email Apple Doll - Amigurumi
NEW! 3 Little Pumpkins Crochet
NEW! 3 Little Pumpkins Crochet
NEW! 4th Of July Apron
NEW! 5 1/2 Hour Neutral Tones Afghan
NEW! 5 Flip Flops, Sandals And Other Cute Crochet Boot
NEW! 5 Flip Flops, Sandals And Other Cute Crochet Boot
NEW! A Shocking Mandala Rug
NEW! Amigurumi Black Cat Door Stopper
NEW! Baby Bib
NEW! Bandit Market Bag
NEW! Boy Easy Vest
NEW! Buttoned Cowl
NEW! by CabledSheep Flickr © knitttwittt © Twinkerbell
NEW! Crochet Commemorative Police Throw
NEW! Crocheting Snowman
NEW! Cropped Top
NEW! Dad’s Fridgie Pocket Watch
NEW! easy rose crochet pattern
NEW! Eight -Pocket Two-Tone Carryall Tote
NEW! Garden Lattice Jumper
NEW! Heavy Metal' Collar, Belt and Gauntlets
NEW! In the Round Place Mat
NEW! Kid's Crown
NEW! Kombi Shoulder Bag / Purse
NEW! Madly In Love Hat
NEW! Market Tote Crochet Pattern
NEW! May 03, 2011
NEW! Mini Magic Mandala Square – 6″
NEW! Panda Wrist Purse
NEW! Peace- Love Tote, Purse & Wallet Set Free Crochet
NEW! Pretty Swirls Cap
NEW! Retro Tie Belt
NEW! Squares And Ripples Throw
NEW! Squish Slouch Crochet Hat
NEW! Stylish Crochet Handbag
NEW! Suddenly Sparkles Scarf
NEW! Teen Striped Pillow
NEW! The Crocodile Stitch Flower
NEW! Totally Cool Crochet Beverage Cooler
NEW! Wrapped Bangle Bracelet
NEW! "Junior" Toilet Paper Cover
NEW! "Long Live the Queen" Throw
NEW! "Molly" Toilet Paper Cover
NEW! 'My Stuff' Drawstring Bag
NEW! 1 Hour Sands of Time Bracelet
NEW! 1 Hour Sands of Time Bracelet
NEW! 10 Minute Baby Sandals
NEW! 13 Bathroom Rug Crochet Patterns
NEW! 16-Bit Afghan
NEW! 16-Bit Afghan
NEW! 1941 Shell Stitch Crochet Cardigan Pattern
NEW! 1950s-Style Wide Brimmed Hat
NEW! 1960s Inspired Belt
NEW! 2 in 1 Bag
NEW! 2 Strand Fold Basket
NEW! 3D Wild Rose Snowflake
NEW! 4-Piece Baby Crochet set
NEW! 5 Hour Crochet Cowl
NEW! 9 Inch Witch Doll
NEW! A Beginner Granny Afghan
NEW! A Decorative Mat
NEW! A Deep V Top Crochet Pattern
NEW! A Pineapple Lace Shawl
NEW! A Pink Rose Bouquet
NEW! A to Z in Crochet
NEW! A Very Good Hat
NEW! Abigail Baby Girl

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