Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
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NEW! Boy Easy Vest
NEW! Amanda's Halter Top
Amandas Halter Top
NEW! Baby Owl Leg Warmers and Hat Set
NEW! Back to School Skirt
Back to School Sweater
Bear Beanie
Big and Little Dresses
NEW! Big Bloom Hat
NEW! Boys Easy Vest
NEW! Boy’s East Vest
Chenille Strips Sweater and Skirt
Child Truck & Helicopter Pullovers
NEW! Child's Crochet Purse and Capelet
NEW! Child's Royal Crown
Childs Cape
Childs Capelet & Purse
NEW! Crocheted Ballet Set
NEW! Fall/Winter Toddler Pants
NEW! Felted A-line Skirt
NEW! Gingerbread Hat and Legwarmers Set
NEW! Gingerbread Man Apron
Girls In a Jiffy Jacket
NEW! Hand Puppet Scarf
Hippy Dippy Vest
Homespun Jacket
NEW! Jordynn Ruffle Dress
NEW! Kid's Crown
NEW! Kidding Around the Gnome Costume
NEW! Lego Inspired Crochet Backpack
Lilac Frost Sweater
Little Girls Poncho
NEW! Little Girl’s Puffy Sleeve Sweater
Little Heart Purse
NEW! Little Kid's Backpack
NEW! Loopy Love Big Baby Booties
Manly Tank Tops
NEW! Mesh Girls Cardigan
Mesh Girls Cardigan
NEW! Peter Pan Cardigan for Toddler
NEW! Ping Pong Pink Toddler Shirt
Poncho Sweater
NEW! Pretty in Pink Toddler Sundress
Pretty Little Girl Shorts
NEW! Pretty Sundress
NEW! Princess Cocoon-ghan
Pullover Sweater
Retro Tank Top
NEW! Rugby Pullover Crochet Pattern
NEW! Simple Toddler Slippers
NEW! Sister and Brother's Outfit
NEW! Sitting Pretty Clothes
NEW! Smiling Sunflower Bag
Wiggles Sweater
Women and Girls Tank Top

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