Free Crochet Patterns

Listings are alphabetical by pattern name.

Pattern Name
NEW! May 03, 2011
NEW! 4-Piece Baby Crochet set
NEW! A to Z in Crochet
NEW! Abigail Baby Girl
NEW! Adorable Toddler Crochet Pattern
All in One Jumper
All Night Soaker
NEW! Angel Soft Baby Hat
NEW! Angel Sweater for Baby
Antique Baby Set
NEW! Baby Apple Beanie
NEW! Baby Baseball Hat
Baby Beanie
NEW! Baby Bib
NEW! Baby Bib
Baby Bib
NEW! Baby Bib
Baby Bib
NEW! Baby Bib
Baby Bonnet
Baby Bootie
Baby Booties
Baby Booties
NEW! Baby Booties and Bib
NEW! Baby Bottle Cozy & Bib
Baby Bottle Cozy & Bib
NEW! Baby Bottle Cozy & Bib
Baby Boy Layette
Baby Cap
Baby Cardigan
Baby Cardigan
Baby Cardigan & Hat
Baby Cherry Hat
Baby Coat
NEW! Baby Cowboy Boots
Baby Daisy Set
NEW! Baby Dress
Baby Dress
Baby Dress
NEW! Baby Dress
Baby Elf Hat
Baby Ensemble
Baby Hat
NEW! Baby Headband
NEW! Baby In Bloom Bonnet
Baby Jacket
Baby Layette
Baby Mittens
Baby Mittens
Baby Mitts
NEW! Baby Onesie
Baby Onesie
NEW! Baby Owl Cocoon Set
Baby Pullover
NEW! Baby Pullover
NEW! Baby Sailor Suit
Baby Sandals
Baby Set
NEW! Baby Set
NEW! Baby Summer Set
Baby Sweater
Baby Sweater
Baby Vest
NEW! Baby's Hold-All Hanging
NEW! Baby's Place Banner
NEW! Babys Crib Mobile
NEW! Babys Summer Dress & Hat
Babys Summer Dress & Hat
Basic Baby Beanie
Basket Weave Sleeve Sack
Bear Newborn Hat
Beginners Baby Bib
NEW! Bernat Big Kid Cozy Crochet Hoodie
NEW! Bernat Big Kid Cozy Crochet Hoodie
NEW! Bernat Big Kid Cozy Crochet Hoodie
NEW! Bernat Blast Off Crochet Snuggle Sack
NEW! Bernat Crochet Ice Cream Cone RattleBernat Crochet
NEW! Bernat Crochet Ice Cream Cone RattleBernat Crochet
NEW! Bernat Herringbone Bonnet
NEW! Bernat Lil’ Bandit Blanket
NEW! Bernat Smarty Pants
NEW! Bernat Smarty Pants
NEW! Bernat Smarty Pants
Bethany’s Basket-weave Bib
NEW! Bethany’s Basket-weave Bib
NEW! Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Bonnet
NEW! Bunny Baby Bib Pattern
NEW! Bunny Hop Slippers
Candycorn Baby Hat
Cardigan Baby Ensemble
Charmers Baby Set
Christening Dress
Crazy Cute and Easy Baby Cap
Cricle Baby Bib
NEW! Cristening Dress
NEW! Crochet Baby Crocs
NEW! Crochet Baby Set
NEW! Crochet Baby Snuggle Up with Sleeves
NEW! Crochet Cutie Baby Cardigan
NEW! Crochet Lovey Teether
NEW! Crochet Preeemie Bonnet
NEW! Crocheted Baby Socks
Cute as a Button Cardigan
NEW! Darcys Crocheted Bib
NEW! Darcys Crocheted Bib
Darcys Crocheted Bib
NEW! Davida Gown
Diaper Stacker
NEW! Diaper Stacker
Donnas Crocheted Sweater
NEW! Dragon Hoodie
Easiest-Ever Baby Headband
Easy Baby Bib
NEW! Easy Baby Rattles
Easy Going Home Outfit
NEW! Elephant Pacifier Bib
Elfin Stripes Sweater and Hat
Eskimo Jacket & Booties
Everyday Baby Sweater
Fan Waistcoat
First Love Layette
NEW! Floral Onesie & Hat
Flower Baby Bib
Flower Baby Hat
NEW! Flower Petal Sweater & Headband
Flowered Baby Hat
NEW! Folded Ribbon Christening Set
Forget-Me-Not Layette
NEW! Forget-Me-Not Layette
Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Hat and Baby Bootie
Gabi Baby Dress
NEW! Giraffe Hat and Diaper Cover Set
NEW! Girl's Dress, Bloomers &
Girly Diaper Cover
Granny Square Bib
NEW! Happy Girl Booties Crochet Pattern
Happy Halloween Bunting
Heirloom Bib
NEW! Hippo Booties
Infant Cardigan
NEW! Infant Hood Pattern
Infant Jogging Suit
NEW! Infant Ugg Boots
Kid Hoodie
NEW! Kiddie Car Coat
Lace Baby Hat
NEW! Lavender Baby Booties
NEW! Lavender Love Dress
NEW! Leaf it to Me Baby Hat
Little Bits Baby Accessories
NEW! Loopy Love Newborn Baby Booties
Maine Toddler Beanie Hat
NEW! Maine Toddler Beanie Hat
NEW! Maple Leaf Earflap Hat
Maryjane Booties
NEW! Mickey and Minnie Inspired Crochet Diaper Covers
NEW! Mini Booties
NEW! Mini Moogly Sweater
NEW! Monkeyroo Baby Rattle
NEW! Newbord Cluster Hat
Newbord Cluster Hat
NEW! Newborn Baby Booties
Newborn Baby Hat
NEW! Newborn Berry Hat
Newborn Booties
NEW! Newborn Booties
NEW! Newborn Brimmed Hat
NEW! Newborn Crochet Layette
Newborn Footsies
Newborn Shirt/Vest
Newborn Sun Hat
NEW! Newborn Sun Hat
NEW! One Piece Baby Sweater
NEW! One Piece Wonder Baby Sweater
NEW! Panda Bear Baby Bib Pattern
NEW! Patriotic Baby Cocoon & Hat
Patriotic Layette
Petals Baby Hat
Pineapple Baby Bib
Pom Poms Baby Bonnet
Precious Baby Fashion Hat and Jacket
Preemie Hat
Preemie Sleep Sack
Puppy Dog Hat
NEW! Rainboot Booties
Rainboot Booties
Ribbed Beanie
Round Baby Bib
NEW! Seed Stitch Baby Headband
Shell Angel Gown Set
Shell Sleep Sack and Cap
NEW! Shell Stitch Hooded Cardigan
Shell Stitch Hooded Cardigan
Shortie Sleeper
Simple Baby Sweater
Snowman Baby Bib
NEW! Speed Hook Earflap Hat and Scarf Set
Springtime Baby Dress
NEW! Strawberry Cardigan and Cap
Striped Baby Sweater
NEW! Sumer Toddler Halter
NEW! Summer Breeze Baby Sweater
NEW! Summer Breeze Baby Sweater
Sunny Outing Baby Fashion
Super-Simple Newborn Pull-over
NEW! Sweet and Simple Newborn Hat
Sweet and Simple Newborn Hat
Sweet Potato Baby Slippers
NEW! sweetie pink dress
NEW! Tenerife Booties
NEW! Tenerife Booties
NEW! Tiny Truck Baby Sweater
Toddler Beanie
Toddler Dress
Toddler Hat
Toddler Socks
Tunisian Soaker
Tweed Baby Jacket
NEW! Vest and Hat Baby's Gone a Hunting
Vest Baby Bib
Vintage Baby Bonnet
Winter Pageant Dress
Yellow Stripe Vest

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