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Learn How To Make a Pocket

Crocheting pockets on a garment might look complicated or difficult to complete but they are rather simple to place or sew on sweater or on any item that require a pocket. A crochet pocket gives a sweater, a vest or scarf nice look elegance. Crocheting pockets can be located anywhere in the body of the garment you are making. Some are located in the back of shorts or in the construction of crochet purses. It is just left up to your imagination where you want to create or place a pocket. Also, you can use any crochet stitch to make a small or large pocket in the garment that you create or a pattern that you want to crochet.

Seam Line Pocket

When making a seam line pocket, first place stitch markers where you want your pockets. Make the opening of the seam line the same size as the hem opening of the fabric pocket.

Work row of crochet stitches across the seam allowance of the front opening. You can extend the stitches beyond the front opening of the seam line, if needed.

Choose a thread that is a darker in color then the yarn of your garment. You want the thread to blend into the yarn. Pin your pocket in place and stitch the inner opening edges to the seam line with needle and thread.

Stitch the front opening of the pocket along the edge of the first row of crochet welt or facing.

Make a few stitches along the seam allowance to hold the pocket in place while finishing your garment. This will keep the pocket the pocket from shifting. If you don’t add a few stitches then the pocket may be off-centered on your garment.

Horizontal Pocket

Skip the number of crochet stitches of the proceeding row to make the opening of the pocket.

Then chain the desire number of stitches across the unworked stitches for the pocket area. Attach the chain to the other side of your garment and continue in your pattern to complete the garment.

When you have finished your garment work a row or two of single crochet at the bottom edge of your pocket opening for the welt or facing.

Then tack also called sew with darker a thread. Or you may choose to crochet the ends of the welt or facing to your garment. Either way you choose allows your garment to appear less bulky around the corners.

Then sew the fabric edges to the upper and lower edges of your pocket opening.

Chain 28 stitches for your foundation row. Work a single stitch (sc) in the second chain from hook and in each chain across to the end of row—27 sc. Chain one turn.

Work on the 27 sc stitches until your pocket measures 7 inches from the bottom to the top.

Pin your pocket in place on your garment and sew with tapestry needle.

Repeat the process for any pockets needed for your garment.

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