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Classic Black Crocheted Belt

The classic black crocheted belt doesn’t have to look blend into a person’s clothing. For anyone who wants to highlight that “perfect" black dress or favorite shirt of pants can use this crocheted rose belt. Although it’s has an exceptional design, a beginner, intermediate or advanced crochet maker can create the rose belt. The pattern requires an F-5/3.75mm crochet hook and one skein of Cannon or any other worsted yarn for the belt. The rose part of the pattern takes a size E/4 3.50mm crochet hook and baby yarn. Also, a crochet maker can make it her or his own by choosing different colors such as blue or grey for the belt and pink or red for the rose.

Belt Pattern

• Chain 2, turn for foundation.

• Row 1: Work on the right side (rs) of belt and sc in the 2nd chain from hook—1sc.

• Row 2: Work 3 sc stitches. Chain 1, turn.

• Row 3: Work 2 sc in the first stitch, sc in next stitch, the work 2 sc in the last stitch—5 sc. Chain 1, turn.

• Row 4: Work sc across to end of row. Chain 1, turn.

• Row 5: Work 2 sc in the first stitch then sc in each of the chain-2, sc across until last stitch, and work 2 sc in last stitch. Turn.

• Row 6: Work across row to the end. Chain 1, turn.

• Repeat rows 5 and 6 until 12 stitches are increased.

• Work over the 12 stitch for the desire length of your belt or about 3 feet or longer. Fasten off.

Place bra fastening or hooks on each end of the belt and sew them on securely.

• Weave in all loose yarn. Fold and sew the triangle shape to the inside of your belt. This is to support the rose flower. Then fold and sew the other end of your belt.

Pattern for Rose

· Work with your white yarn and chain 65.

· Row 1: Skip the first 6 chs (counts as 1 half double crochet hdc. Skip 1ch and the chain 3), work an hdc in the 7th chain from your hook,* ch 3, then skip the next ch, hdc in the next ch, repeat from* across turn.

· Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as 1 double crochet, dc), work (dc, chi 3, 2dc) in the first chain 3 space (sp), chain1, *work (2sc, ch 3, 2dc) in the next ch 3, sp, ch 1 then repeat from * across, omit the ch-1 at the end of your last repeat. Turn.

· Row 3: Chain 3 and work 7 dc in the first ch—3 sp, slip stitch (sl) in the next ch—1 sp,* work 7 dc in the next ch-3 sp then sl stitch in ch-1 sp, repeat from * across, end with a dc in the last ch-3 sp, sl stitch in the top of ch-3 ch 1 row below. Fasten off.


· Shape the rose strip in spirals to form your rose. Secure the rose together at the bottom. Tack or sew through all the layers with a tapestry needle and same color yarn.

· Place the rose on the front edge of your belt and sew it onto the belt.

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