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Artist Satchel Crochet Pattern

Purse Free Crochet Pattern

Approx 200g of a variety of colours of yarn. A 5.5mm crochet hook, darning needle.

13" wide, 11" deep, 3.5" flap approx.


Bag – Ch 90,
Work 48 rows in sc.
My colour combination was;
Row 1: satsuma
Row 2-3: candyfloss pink
Row 5-6: red
Row 7: mauve
Row 8-9: pink multi
Row 10,11,12: tangerine
Row 13 : red 2
Row 14-15: dusky pink
Row 17-18: red
Row 19,20,21: fuschia
Row 22: claret
Row 23: satsuma
Row 24,25,26: pink multi
Row: 27-28: organdy pink
Row 29: mauve
Row 30-31: Red
Row 32: rust
Row 33: lavender
Row 34 –35: tangerine
Row 36: plum
Row 37-38: dusky pink
Row 39-40: brick
Row 41-42: mauve
Row 43-44: baby pink
Row 45-46: claret
Row 47-48: satsuma

Ch 140 ( here I used satsuma as it was at 1st and last edge of the bag)
Work 6 rows in any colour combination.
satsuma, mauve, red, fuschia, brick, satsuma.

Now fold the bag into a satchel shape with the straps being attached in-between from and back of bag, to the very bottom of the bag.
You can either sew it together.
Here I crocheted it together, again using satsuma, by working the strap down 27 sts at the front of the bag, 7 sts across the bottom of the bag, then 27 sts up the back of the back. Repeat on alternate side.
You can then sew all ends in and attach a button if required. Here I just attached lots of tassels.

About the Designer:
Aileen is a fibre artist and independent designer creating crochet & knitting patterns. She offers both free patterns and patterns for sale on her website at

Purse Free Crochet Pattern

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